Stabilized Amboyna Burl Pen

Stabilized Amboyna Burl Pen

Who doesn’t love the warm tactile feeling of wood? This stabilized amboyna burl pen just the perfect gift for people who love to write. Handcrafted on a woodworking lathe each one different with the unique grain pattern. Amboyna burl originally from the Amboyna island of Indonesia.


Burl wood traditionally used in high end furniture in small sections as a veneer. Because of the difficulty working with the interlocking grain, I have stabilized this and then finished with a CA glue finish.

We make this exotic wooden pen as a rollerball with replacement refills easily available

Author: whitlockwoodendesigns

Want to see more of my wooden crafts or read the blog 💥 click the link in the bio. Im a woodworker making all sorts of wooden gifts from bottle stoppers, handmade wooden pens to beautiful wall art and lots more in between. Using only traditional tools and select wood chosen for appearance and grain figure. With, advances in resin technology we cast our own wooden hybrid pens or make high quality shaving brushes. You can find me on any of the big social media sites or in the workshop

21 thoughts on “Stabilized Amboyna Burl Pen”

      1. Noway. To Wood pens. I prefere the freedom of choosing the pens who are made for me… no matters my Familly and friends. I have mental healt issues so it give me the previlege to say everything i want… And right now i dont want to say anything. This is all i got to say about that


  1. I don’t suppose you’d share where you get your exotic woods from. I’m still learning but would like to have something special available when I’m ready to move up a grade.


      1. Already checked. Will miss Makers Central in Birmingham, Trade Tool Show in Newark and another in Harrogate. Worst timing ever!


  2. An excellent selection of pens! I quite like the gold & ivory fountain pen. Aphrodite is a very fitting name for them.


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