Looking For Novelty Gift Ideas?

A Couple Of Bullet Pens

Does your other half play COD or other shooting games? Are you stuck for novelty gift ideas? These bullet pens the perfect solution available in two sizes, mini and standard length. The pen on the left an ivory pen with a length of 114 mm or the pen on the right an antler pen with a length of 136 mm.

Each pen has fine details from the copper bullet tip and in the percussion cap on top of the pen. A scoped rifle for the pen clip and a bolt action to extend the ballpoint. Handcrafted in the UK with a high quality chrome or gold plated trim presented in a black gift box.

Three different camouflage patterns or oak wood other alternatives to make the perfect bullet pen gifts for him. All of our pens use normal pen refills so never a problem

Author: whitlockwoodendesigns

Want to see more of my wooden crafts or read the blog 💥 click the link in the bio. Im a woodworker making all sorts of wooden gifts from bottle stoppers, handmade wooden pens to beautiful wall art and lots more in between. Using only traditional tools and select wood chosen for appearance and grain figure. With, advances in resin technology we cast our own wooden hybrid pens or make high quality shaving brushes. You can find me on any of the big social media sites or in the workshop

21 thoughts on “Looking For Novelty Gift Ideas?”

      1. I know, I just visited your website.. Really like the perfume pen. Will go back soon as I am curious to see those pens made with parts from watches. Upcycling definitely speaks to me.

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