Let me know what you think about this Winnie the Pooh 100 acre wood ballpoint pen and authenticity certificate #handmade #stationaryaddict #stationeryaddicts #stationarylove #smallshoplove

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A 100 acre wood ballpoint pen for Winnie the Pooh fans. Luxury gift box and authenticity certificate included.#Pooh #WinnieThePooh #woodenpens #handmade #100AcreWood #madeinbritian #ukmade #whitlockwoodendesigns #giftshop  https://ift.tt/345QXmF

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Who doesnt love quotes about pens and paper?  Here is one to think on for the day. “For all sad words of tongue and pen, The saddest are these, It might have been'” John Greenleaf Whittier  #quotes #inspiration #life #motivation #quoteoftheday https://ift.tt/32eKncQ

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Looking For Novelty Gift Ideas?

A Couple Of Bullet Pens

Does your other half play COD or other shooting games? Are you stuck for novelty gift ideas? These bullet pens the perfect solution available in two sizes, mini and standard length. The pen on the left an ivory pen with a length of 114 mm or the pen on the right an antler pen with a length of 136 mm.

Each pen has fine details from the copper bullet tip and in the percussion cap on top of the pen. A scoped rifle for the pen clip and a bolt action to extend the ballpoint. Handcrafted in the UK with a high quality chrome or gold plated trim presented in a black gift box.

Three different camouflage patterns or oak wood other alternatives to make the perfect bullet pen gifts for him. All of our pens use normal pen refills so never a problem

Stabilized Amboyna Burl Pen

Who doesn’t love the warm tactile feeling of wood? This stabilized amboyna burl pen just the perfect gift for people who love to write. Handcrafted on a woodworking lathe each one different with the unique grain pattern. Amboyna burl originally from the Amboyna island of Indonesia.


Burl wood traditionally used in high end furniture in small sections as a veneer. Because of the difficulty working with the interlocking grain, I have stabilized this and then finished with a CA glue finish.

We make this exotic wooden pen as a rollerball with replacement refills easily available